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    Default installing a modern Indigo on LB4G/3240

    I have a pair of LB4G's that are now very out of date. At the documentation I
    found here, it claims that I might need a newer copy of U-Boot installed than
    what I have:

    The problem is, I can't seem to find a current distribution of indigo
    that contains a copy of u-boot distributed with it.

    We currently have:
    => version
    U-Boot 1.1.6 (Jul 28 2009 - 07:44:15) *** QUANTA COMPUTER ***

    I think once I have the new u-boot installed, It appears that it
    shouldn't be too hard to make the leap from the ancient image
    we're running to that which is bundled in indigo-2012.03.19-pronto-3240.tgz

    Thanks for any pointers,

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    Default LB4G/3240 uboot available from Indigo Download Page

    Hi, Dale --

    I'm sorry you had trouble finding the u-boot files for the lb4g/3240.

    We've uploaded a gzipped tarball containing the device tree file, u-boot.bin, and uImage, along with directions for reflashing a Pronto switch.

    This is accessible from the Indigo Download Page at; search for "pronto-3240-boot-collateral-2012.0501.tar.gz".

    Please follow up to this thread if you have any further problems.


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